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The Awakening

Sound & Light
Victoria Square
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Early risers are invited to stretch and welcome in the day or sit under a tree as the forest wakes up.

Influenced by the sounds of nature, an original piece by Composer and Co-creator Max Perryment and Olivier Award winning and PoliNations Sound Designer Tom Gibbons, will gently awaken the super garden, hailing the start of a new day, every day. Take a seat, take a breath, or walk a little slower through the flowers, under the trees and out into your day.

Every day, you can also join us among the flowers and trees for a free guided session of Yoga, Meditation and Gong baths led by local teachers. Bring your practice to Polinations, wrapping nature into your sessions as you awaken with the super garden. Meditation is always welcome in the super garden, so even if you're not part of a class, feel free to take a moment among the trees.

PoliNations and Trigger
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