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The PoliNations super garden is a co-created landscape of over 5,000 plants and flowers. We feature nine of them here: their journey, their history and how they affect our lives in ways we never realised.

Why Iconic Plants?

Thousands of plants make up the botanical world, each with an extraordinary story to tell. Whether rooted in a teeming forest or urban metropolis, every plant has its own rich history, and journey of how it came to be here.

At PoliNations, you’ll find nine Iconic Plants highlighted and celebrated across our site. Their stories, like ours, are diverse. These stories are reflected across our creative programme in music, text, poetry and in physical form through sculptures positioned throughout the PoliNations super garden in Victoria Square, Birmingham.

Have a look at the PoliNations Iconic Plant zine, a collection of poems, illustrations and origin stories of iconic plants from around the world. Designed and produced by Out of the Blueprint, a social enterprise in Edinburgh Scotland.

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