Angie Bual interviewed as one of Shondaland's '5 Women Working for Social Good'

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This year between March and October, the United Kingdom will experience Unboxed. The one-of-a-kind government celebration is made up of 10 large-scaleart projects pushing forward ideas in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics designed to create a larger-than-life experience. But for Angie Bual, the creative director of PoliNations, which will create a surreal urban forest in Birmingham, the idea of art as a form of social good isn’t a new concept. Whether it’s creating an app that creates playlists and personal messages for people in the hospital or constructing large-scale theater and art with the Trigger Stuff collective, she’s seen art’s power to create connections.

“I’m interested more in the audience than I am the art form,” Bual says. “I have to make art for a reason. And I think there’s a bit of reticence against art taking on the role of social care, social housing, social good because of the public funding that we received, but for me, I think [making] art out of all types of things [is] great. But for me personally, I’m driven by issues and driven by frustration. I’m driven by trying to solve a problem. And that’s how I come up with the ideas that we create.”

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