Making PoliNations sustainable with Angie Bual

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Angie Bual, Creative Director

Tell us a bit about your role in PoliNations. 

The dreamer, weaver and developer of the vision. The cheerleader, joker and overall enthusiast. 

How does sustainability fit into your role? 

It's every part of the vision, scoping and shaping of the project. From plant pot to tree top - how can we make our programme tread lightly as we try to switch on power, move objects, erect an installation. How can we feed our team sustainably, transport them and make the whole programme work. 

What has been the biggest sustainability related surprise for you since starting on PoliNations? 

It's been extremely eye opening. We thought we could put in wind turbines and generate our own power. But it would do more harm than good... in this case the energy used to transport and make the turbines would outweigh the amount of energy that could be created in a city centre for a couple of weeks! 

What has been the most challenging aspect of trying to be sustainable? 

Seeing ideas that sound nice on paper turn out to be simply green washing. 

What advice would you give to other members of your profession who also want to put sustainability at the heart of what they do? 

Bring on a sustainability consultant. You'd be surprised at what mistakes we make without realising. 

What sustainability initiative are you most excited about for PoliNations? 

The great plant/ tree giveaway [at the end of the project we will give away plants used in the installation].

When I need a boost, where can I get inspired about sustainability? 

The Guardian 

If you had a sustainable super power what would it be? 


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